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Highland Ridge RV Open Range | Baird, TX

2021 Highland Ridge Open Range RV | Baird TX

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The Open Range from Highland Ridge RV is a beautiful trailer designed for families, outdoorsmen, and RV enthusiasts in general. Offered as either a travel trailer or a fifth wheel, the Open Range features a stylish and spacious interior, a high-tech smartphone control system, and residential-grade amenities. No matter where your RV adventures take you, you’ll always feel at home in an Open Range.

Heating & Cooling

The Open Range is designed from the ground up to better protect you from the elements. It comes with a heat-reflecting roof, thoroughly insulated floors and sidewalls, and oversize heat ducts that run throughout the underbelly to heat both the cabin and the tanks.

All Open Range trailers have been tested in a zero-degree chamber to ensure that every room and critical component remains at the desired temperature. And for cooling, a 15,000 BTU A/C system with Quiet Residential Return Air helps you stay comfortable, even in the hottest Texas summers.

Interior Features

No matter your chosen floorplan, the interior of the Open Range is made to be comfortable and luxurious. Hardwood furnishings, LED lighting, and a flush-mount fireplace set the stage. In the kitchen, you’ll find a 21-cubic-foot residential refrigerator, a large freestanding oven, and a residential microwave.

In the bunk room, a 32-inch TV is included on select models, and that’s on top of the 32-inch TV in the main bedroom of the fifth wheel. The location of the many features will vary depending on your preferred floorplan, but no matter what, you can expect a stunning level of premium comfort.

High-Tech Convenience

Via the RidgeLINK Bluetooth® system, the Open Range puts the power to control many of its features in the palm of your hand. Use your smartphone to extend or retract the awnings and control the lighting. The trailer is also available with Wi-Fi, so whether you’re relaxing in bed or deep in conversation with friends and family around the kitchen, you can easily stay connected and entertained during your adventures.

The Open Range is a great RV for anyone looking to hit the road. Get a closer look at the Open Range travel trailer and fifth wheel at Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas.

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