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2023 Seismic 359 | Baird, TX

2023 Seismic 359 in Baird, Texas

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If you choose the 359 floor plan for the 2023 Jayco Seismic, you’ve made a great choice. It’s one of the most popular configurations for the luxury toy hauler thanks to its optimal combination of features, weight, price, and overall capacity. With sleeping accommodations for up to eight people and an 11-foot cargo area, you simply can’t go wrong with the Jayco Seismic 359.

Construction quality you can trust

The Seismic 359 benefits from the same high-quality construction and craftsmanship that makes all Jayco RVs so appealing — and from the company’s industry-leading 2+3 year limited and structural warranty, which alone shows Jayco’s trust in its products. The warranty for the roof is even better — a whopping 20 years because the Magnum Truss™ system makes Jayco RV roofs the strongest in the industry. For additional durability and longevity, the Seismic uses 5/8-inch plywood floor decking, brawny Dexter® axles, vacuum bond laminated walls, and 4000-pound leaf springs. It also rides on 16-inch Goodyear® endurance tires, which are ideal for maintaining optimal pressures as you travel, leading to greater fuel economy, stability, and towing safety.

Extended camping season

All Seismic 359 RVs come equipped with the HELIX Cooling System™ and Climate Shield™ technology, which help you stretch your camping season even into the hottest or coldest parts of the year. Climate Shield uses G20 tinted windows, a heated underbelly, double-sided insulation, double-sided fiberglass, and special PEX plumbing to ensure that interior temperatures remain stable and manageable even in extreme exterior conditions. Jayco RVs with Climate Shield have been stress-tested in temperatures ranging from 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit. When paired with the HELIX Cooling System, you’ll be able to camp even in hot Texas conditions for a greater part of the year.

Premium interior design

As a toy hauler, one of the Seismic’s priorities is allowing you to haul camping equipment, OHVs, and other items that may not be typically associated with luxury. Yet the RV is committed to pampering its occupants with premium features and an overall welcoming design. Between the handcrafted trim, glazed drawers, solid hardwood cabinet floors, and American-made vinyl flooring, the Seismic 359 delivers a stunning level of comfort and luxury. Its two major interior design themes, Classic Cottage and Modern Farmhouse, are tasteful and attractive. All throughout the RV, premium details and features abound. For example, in the bathroom you’ll find beautiful tile backsplash; in the bedroom, a residential quilted bedspread. It’s a high-quality RV experience that rivals living in a fixed home.

Capable cargo and people hauler

The 2023 Seismic 359 is a capable toy hauler, but it’s also a lot more than that. It has a large 11-foot cargo area where you can conveniently stash all sorts of equipment that won’t fit in the storage compartments or that you don’t want in the living area. This garage comes with a rubberized floor liner, non-skid anti-slip flooring on the ramp doors, high-intensity LED ramp lights, and D-rings mounted to the steel frame. These not only make the Seismic 359 easier to use but also easier to clean after a messy adventure. And if you’d rather just make room for people, the HappiJac® electric-lift queen beds and convertible sofa make it possible to sleep up to eight people. When you get a Seismic 359, you don’t have to compromise between cargo and people-hauling capability.

Intelligent features

Every Jayco Seismic unit comes with a wide array of smart technologies that enhance day-to-day living, such as a six-point hydraulic auto-leveling system, a 4K Smart LED HDTV, and the JayCOMMAND™ app that can control almost every function inside the RV. Along with a heated and massaging sofa, universal docking center, and Bluetooth® compatible sound system with marine-grade exterior speakers, you won’t lack for entertainment no matter where you choose to camp.


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