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Common RV Issues | Abilene, TX

RV Service In Abilene, TX

Like cars, RVs will eventually run into issues requiring maintenance and repairs. But also like cars, keeping up with routine service and driving your RV safely and efficiently will reduce these issues — and keep them fewer and farther between. If you are new to RV ownership, here are some common issues you can expect to encounter eventually, regardless of type or brand:

Tire Problems

Tire maintenance is incredibly important for cars, trucks, and SUVs — and you typically only have to worry about four. Some RVs have significantly more tires for you to maintain. That means regularly checking tire pressure and adjusting as necessary, regularly rotating tires, and being prepared to encounter flats — because they’ll happen. Make sure you know how to change a flat tire on your RV before setting out on your first adventure.

Water Lines & Pump Problems

During the cold winter months, it is crucial to drain the water tank so that the water inside doesn’t freeze. However, if you do not properly drain it — or if you forget — you may experience damage to the water lines or water pump.

Roof & Window Problems

Because RVs are mobile, the roof and windows are designed differently from the roof and windows of stationary houses and apartments. In essence, you trade some reliability for mobility. That makes them more susceptible to damage from the weather, low-hanging trees, and direct sunlight. It is likely that you will need to repair the roof and/or replace the windows during the life of your RV.

Toilet Problems

Toilets were not designed to be used while in motion — but RVs have challenged that idea. That makes RV toilets more susceptible to issues, like constant flowing or unconstrained water. Address these issues as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming a bigger problem.

Contact us at Hanner RV near Abilene, TX if you have any questions about service or maintaining your RV. We’ll be happy to share our expertise so you can stay safe while enjoying your RV.

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