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Cruiser RV | Hanner RV | Baird, TX

2020 Radiance Cruiser RV | Baird TX

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Hanner RV Supercenter prides itself on being your one-stop-shop for all things RV, and we’re proud to add Cruiser RV to our roster of great brands in our inventory. For over 30 years, Cruiser RV has been one of the top names in budget-friendly yet luxurious trailers and toy haulers, offering a wide range of products.

What Cruiser RV Is Known For

Cruiser RV aims to build lightweight, laminated trailers for everyone from the amateur camper to the seasoned explorer. Because of its focus on lighter curb weights, its RVs offer more space and amenities without adding to the towing burden on your truck or SUV, meaning that most of its products can be towed by a half-ton pickup.

Products like the Fun Finder, MPG, Embrace and Radiance make for great open-road companions, offering plenty of space for sleeping, dining, relaxing and reconnecting. With the Stryker models, you’ll have room enough for a four-seat side-by-side, meaning you can play as you wish wherever your travels take you.

Humble Beginnings

While Cruiser RV has grown over the years, it still maintains the vision of an American family dedicated to giving others the freedom to explore. The brand prides itself on craftsmanship, and that starts with its employees, all of whom are handpicked to deliver on the promise of the 100% Genuine seal.

As such, when you get a Cruiser RV, you can rest assured that the utmost attention was paid to every detail through every step of its creation.

Hanner RV Supercenter is proud to serve Texas and offer an array of Cruiser RV models. When you visit our central location in Baird, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Cruiser RV you have your eye on so that you can choose the right floorplan. Visit Hanner RV to learn more about Cruiser RV or any of the other great brands we have in stock.

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