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Fifth Wheel RVs vs Travel Trailers | Baird, TX

Fifth Wheel RVs vs Travel Trailers | Baird TX

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Out of all the different types of towable RVs you should know about, two stand out as more important than the rest: travel trailers and fifth wheels. Below, you’ll learn more about what defines these RVs and the kinds of features you can typically expect from them.

What is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is the most common type of RV. It is a simple trailer that you attach to your tow vehicle with a standard bumper hitch. Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from small units that sleep just one person to long, 35-foot RVs with a maximum sleeping capacity of 10 people. Most RVs you’ll find on our lot are travel trailers.

There are many different kinds of travel trailers, like pop-up camping trailers and toy haulers. Pop-up campers easily fold into themselves to make them easier to tow with a family car or SUV, and are convenient to store outside of camping season. Toy haulers contain a garage you can use to transport dirt bikes, ATVs, or anything else you think you might need.

Benefits of Travel Trailers

There are many benefits to owning a travel trailer, such as the following.

  • Wide variety of options to suit a wide variety of needs
  • No special hitch required makes them more accessible
  • You can tow lightweight trailers with smaller vehicles
  • Good value for money compared to motorhomes

What is a Fifth Wheel RV?

Fifth wheels are RVs that can only be towed by connecting the unit to a special, wheel-shaped plate in the bed of a pickup truck. They’re easy to tell apart from other types of RVs thanks to the large overhang at the front. Fifth wheel are the largest and heaviest RVs you can buy, which comes with a number of positives.

One of the big advantages of a fifth wheel RV is, surprisingly, its convenience on the road. Despite being larger and longer than most travel trailers, fifth wheels are more stable and maneuverable thanks to that special hitch. It’s easier to make tight turns and reverse with a fifth wheel. And because a part of the RV hangs over the back of the truck, a hitched fifth wheel extends away from the truck less than a travel trailer of equal length.

Benefits of Fifth Wheel RVs

For people who like to camp in luxury, fifth wheel RVs are unmatched.

  • Superior interior space and sleeping capacity
  • More stable and maneuverable than travel trailers
  • Well suited for full time RVing and luxury camping

Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel – Which Should You Choose?

If you can’t decide between a travel trailer and a fifth wheel, here are a few things to consider.

  • If you have do not have access to a pickup truck, you will not be able to tow a fifth wheel RV
  • If you feel anxious about towing a large RV, you may prefer a fifth wheel RV thanks to the enhanced handling
  • If you need a lot of interior space or sleeping accommodations, fifth wheels are more likely to provide what you’re looking for
  • If you need to keep your truck’s bed accessible, consider a travel trailer, as the fifth wheel hitch takes up a lot of space
  • If you want a toy hauler, either type of RV works. Both travel trailers and fifth wheels are available as toy haulers
  • If you are on a tight budget, you will have more choices while shopping for a travel trailer

Fifth wheel RVs and travel trailers are just two of the most common types of RVs, but there are more to learn about. Visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to explore all the different kinds of RVs and to get a closer look at our travel trailers and fifth wheels!

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