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Forest River Flagstaff VS Grand Design Reflection RV | Abilene, TX

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At first glance, the Forest River Flagstaff Fifth Wheels RV and the Grand Design Reflection Fifth Wheels RV seem to be on equal footing. Still, a more detailed look reveals that the Forest River Flagstaff has some serious advantages over the Grand Design Reflection, especially in the fields of comfort, storage, and tech. If you’d like to explore more of the benefits that the Forest River Flagstaff Fifth Wheel has over the competition, then plan a trip to visit Hanner RV near Abilene, TX.

A More Comfortable Ride

Both of these RV models are roomy, allowing for passengers to avoid on-road claustrophobia. The Forest River Flagstaff complements that roomy space with several creature comforts. For starters, the Forest River model includes a Serta brand mattress for passengers to rest gently on at night. The Grand Design Reflection offers no such mattress. The Forest River Flagstaff also includes large wardrobe slides that make it easier to access your belongings. The Grand Design Reflection’s smaller wardrobe doors are more cumbersome.

Forest River Flagstaff Features

Better Storage Space

There’s also more room to store your things within the Forest River Flagstaff RV. The set of drawers aboard the Flagstaff are fitted with soft close drawer guides, meaning you won’t have to mash all of your clothes into one big pile within your drawers.

 There’s also more space for food within the refrigerator. The Forest River Flagstaff comes with a standard 9-cubic-foot fridge, which can be upgraded to 12-cubic-foot fridge. The Grand Design Reflection starts out with an 8-cubic-foot fridge.

More In-Vehicle Tech

Finally, if you don’t want to leave the comforts of modern technology behind when you head out on your RV adventure, you’ll definitely want to opt for the Forest River Flagstaff. The Flagstaff RV comes with a Sky4 WiFi Ranger with LTE capabilities, a feature that the Grand Design Reflection lacks.

With the Forest River Flagstaff, you can choose from a 43-inch or 55-inch television. The television within the Grand Design Reflection is somewhat smaller at only 40 inches.

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