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Forest River Wildwood FSX | Baird, TX

Forest River Wildwood FSX | Baird, TX

Looking for a lightweight travel trailer that’s easy to tow, convenient to park, built to last, and packed with modern creature comforts? Well, you know what’s coming next: check out the Forest River Wildwood FSX, because it was made just for you. It was named the Best New Model of 2022 when it launched on the market, and now just two years on, the Wildwood FSX continues to deliver quality features that all campers can appreciate.

Flexible, versatile floorplans

Got floorplans? The Forest River Wildwood FSX sure does. With over 20 configurations, including 10 floorplans with a garage, the Wildwood FSX ensures that everyone can find just the right setup for their needs. These range from small, 2,800-pound coaches with single Queen-sized beds to 37-foot-long toy haulers with full-featured interiors.

That said, only the models with a garage get that large. If you’re just looking for a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver RV, the travel trailers never exceed 4,100 pounds or 24 feet in length, which is great for campers trying to keep it low profile. And if you have a preference for kitchen layouts, bedroom locations, and more, the numerous floorplans make it easy to get things arranged just how you like.

Dependable Forest River construction

Regardless of the floorplan you choose, you can count on Forest River’s quality construction to give you many stress-free seasons of camping. The Wildwood FSX uses a powder-coated I-beam frame and SuperFlex one-piece roof to provide outstanding and long-lasting structural integrity. It also has triple-sealed slide-outs and extensive fiberglass insulation to minimize air and moisture intrusion, keeping warmth (or coolness) inside and mold out.

All FSX models have nitrogen-filled tires, which are better at keeping an even pressure while on the go, reducing the risk of a flat tire. And if you’ve got to tow the RV through some narrow paths and hit a few branches, don’t worry — the exterior paint is scratch-resistant. It’s like Forest River thought of everything.

Premium design and style

While it’s relatively small and affordable, the 2024 Forest River Wildwood FSX is far from sparse. In fact, its upscale features and tasteful style give it genuine luxury appeal. It has wide-opening panoramic windows, which on their own do a whole lot of good to the sense of interior space, while also providing great ventilation. Thick wood-style vinyl material lends the floor a residential feel and has the added bonus of being much easier to clean than carpet. Whether you’ve opted for a couples coach, a bunk house, or one of the cargo hauler models, the FSX’s solidly constructed furniture, wide-opening doors, comfy seating and sleeping accommodations, and spacious walking areas all help the RV feel like an authentic home away from home.

Kitchen of your dreams

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if that’s true, then surely a kitchen must also be the heart of the mobile home. And if that’s true, then it bodes very well for the Wildwood FSX, as its kitchen is greatly enjoyable to cook in. It has plenty of hardtop counter space, a deep sink with a high-rise faucet, glass-covered burners, a sizable microwave, and a frost-free double-door refrigerator that can hold a whole lot of prepared meals. Whether you like to cook alone or with a partner, you’ve got all the space and tools you need to get it done while having a good time.

Toy and cargo hauling

Half of the Wildwood FSX’s floor plans feature of a garage with a door that is up to 90 inches wide and 75 inches tall. The garage itself can be as short as 76 inches or as long as 204 inches. Depending on the floorplan, you may even be able to configure the garage’s length as needed on a case-by-case basis.

These cargo-hauling spaces are designed to make room for your outdoor equipment, like motorcycles and four-wheelers, without getting in the way of the residential living space or simply getting the rest of the RV dirty. They feature built-in hook points and storage to help secure items. Don’t feel like you have to have a very active lifestyle to justify a toy hauler, though. For those camping trips that don’t require a garage, that space can be converted into a sleeping area or a lounge thanks to flip-out bunks, sofas, and mattresses.

If you’re dying to have a closer look at the 2024 Forest River Wildwood FSX, come do so at Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas! It’s easiest to choose between the different floorplans by exploring them in person!

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