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Steps to De-Winterize Your RV | Hanner RV Supercenter | Baird, TX

How To De-Winterize Your RV | Baird, TX

Even though Texas temperatures rarely go below freezing, even in the dead of winter, winterizing your RV is still important, thus making de-winterizing a necessary and equally important step. Keep in mind the following steps when de-winterizing your RV.

Charge the battery

The first step you should take, after removing winter covers from the RV, is to charge the battery. Make sure the charger is in the “off” position when connecting it to the RV. Then, change the voltage to 12V, and let the battery keep charging while you move on to the next steps.

Flush the water

Grab your garden hose and connect it to your water hookup. Open up every faucet in the RV before turning on the hose, and then flush the toilets. This will allow fresh water to clear the sewer lines and remove any antifreeze potentially remaining in the system. Keep the hose on until the water coming out of the faucets is totally clear. It should take roughly 10 minutes, so once again, you can move on to another step while this is going on.

Set up the propane tanks

Place your propane tanks on your RV’s tank mounts. These are normally by the tow arm, but the placement can vary. Follow the guidelines described in your owner’s manual to connect your propane hoses to the RV. Before you use the propane tanks, however, you should check for leaks in the hoses. Open the valve a quarter of an inch, and place a slightly damp, soapy sponge at the connectors. If air bubbles form, there’s probably a leak in the line, and you should get new connections.

Remove the charger and hose

After setting up the propane tanks and checking the hoses, your water system will probably be done flushing. Shut off the garden hose and disconnect it from your water hookup. Then, disconnect the battery charger, and put the battery in the proper compartment. Start the RV and drive over to a certified dump station to clear out the black, gray, and fresh water tanks.


If you need any help de-winterizing your RV, don’t hesitate to call Hanner RV Supercenter’s service center at 325-854-3050.

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