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JaySMART™: Jayco Safety Features | Baird, TX

JaySMART™: Jayco Safety Features | Baird, TX

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Safety is of the utmost importance to Jayco. Jayco RVs are equipped with a variety of standard and optional features that help improve your safety whether you’re stationary or on your way to your next camping destination. From JaySMART™ Safety Lighting to durable Goodyear® tires, these are some of the features that make Jayco RVs safe.

JaySMART™ Safety Lighting

When you tow an RV, it’s important that your RV communicates your intent at the wheel. JaySMART is a lighting system that works in conjunction with the trailer’s running lights, taillights, backup lights, and side markers. For example, when the turn signal is engaged, front and rear corner lights on the RV flash in unison, alerting nearby motorists of your intention to turn.

Brake lights also function from an elevated position on the RV so that they can be seen from any distance or at any height, further enhancing your visibility to other people on the road. Additionally, the system includes an LED backup light feature that also provides extra visibility while reversing. “Our goal was to provide 360 degrees of visibility to our customers’ intentions while traveling,” said Chris Barth, a senior director of product development at Jayco who co-invented the JaySMART lighting system.

Magnum Truss™ Roof System

Standard on all Jayco fifth-wheel RVs and travel trailers is the Magnum Truss™ roof system. It can withstand up to 4,500 pounds in testing, making it the strongest RV roof in the industry. This not only gives you the confidence to walk and sit on the roof, giving you a better view of your surroundings; but also the peace of mind to stay in your RV even if you could only find a place to park it under heavy branches or in any other situation where you may have a concern about objects falling on the roof.

Goodyear® Tires with Durawall® Technology

Experiencing a sudden flat while on the road is never a good thing, but it’s even worse if the tire happens to be supporting an RV. That’s why Jayco RVs come with special, American-made Goodyear tires that use Durawall® technology to improve load-carrying capacity and durability. These tires have specially constructed sidewalls designed to reduce the chance of cuts and punctures. It also has optimized tread to reduce overheating and halobutyl inner lining to minimize air loss. This ensures that your Jayco RV’s tires maintain air pressure even on long trips, enhancing overall stability, handling, and even fuel economy.

Third Brake Light

Even travel trailers not equipped with the JaySMART Safety Lighting system still benefit from an additional third brake light mounted high on the back of the RV. This light makes it easier for other motorists to see when you are braking, improving safety for everyone on the road.

Easier Entry and Exit

The main entry steps for new Jayco RVs make it easier and safer to go in and out. They have a lower clearance, sturdier steps, and stronger, more accessible grab handles. Not only is this more convenient for people with mobility issues to enter or exit the RV, but it also reduces the risk that your little ones injure themselves while racing in and out of the unit as they expend all of that youthful energy.

No matter how often you use your RV or for what purpose, everyone deserves to be safe. Jayco RVs use a variety of technologies and high-quality construction techniques to protect you and your family, as well as those with whom you share the road. For a closer look at the latest Jayco RVs and their advanced technologies, visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas.

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