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Must-Have RV Gadgets For Full-Time RVers 

Hanner RV Accessories | Baird, TX


If you intend to spend a lot of time in your RV, take a look at these gadgets and accessories. As veteran campers will tell you, they can make your life a lot easier.

RV-specific GPS

Free and mainstream GPS apps like Google Maps are more than up to the task of getting you around in a car, but they’re not built for RV travel. RV-specific GPS units allow you to enter crucial information like your RV’s width, length, height, and number of propane tanks so it can choose routes where the RV will fit and adhere to local propane laws.


Many campgrounds offer free Wi-Fi, but many campgrounds are also very large, and the quality of the internet connection may suffer as a result. You can use a Wi-Fi booster to greatly extend the range of the campground’s free service and avoid using cell phone data — or even to boost your own hotspot if you have a weak signal.

Tire Pressure Monitor

RV tires take a lot of punishment. Whether you are traveling cross-country or even just leaving the RV parked, wear and tear is high, and the consequences of a tire failure are potentially catastrophic. A tire pressure monitoring system can help you avoid those failures by giving you an advance warning that a tire needs your attention.

Electronic Leveling System

Leveling blocks are cheap and easy to use, but it’s not always obvious if you’ve succeeded at getting the RV perfectly level. It might seem right until a door suddenly decides it no longer wants to open properly. You can use leveling devices or even smartphone applications that measure whether the RV is flat, and if not, by how many degrees you need to adjust at the front and sides.

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