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New Forest River Wildwood X-Lite | Baird, TX

2024 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite | Baird, TX

The 2024 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite is an ultra-lightweight version of the popular Wildwood travel trailer, one that doesn’t compromise any of the RV’s top features. Filled with comfort-enhancing amenities and practical features, and built with high-quality materials using the latest construction techniques, the Wildwood X-Lite is a top choice for individuals, couples, and families looking to level up their camping game.

Lightweight floorplans

The new Forest River Wildwood X-Lite is offered with 10 floorplans. The smallest option, the 171RBXL, weighs just 3,836 pounds. The heaviest model, the 28VBXL, weighs 6,208 pounds. That’s lighter than virtually all floorplans for the regular Wildwood RV, even though many X-Lite models are similarly long and wide. This exceptional weight saving ensures you can tow the X-Lite with a midsize truck or full-size SUV, and in some cases, even a midsize SUV. The X-Lite is both easier and more efficient to tow without compromise.

Excellent construction

The 2024 Wildwood X-Lite isn’t heavy, but it is sturdy. From the smallest to the largest, each X-Lite model benefits from construction advantages like a 3/8-inch walk-on roof decking, 5/8-inch tongue-and-groove floor decking, powder-coated I-Beam frame, and 2-inch wall construction. Thick bowed truss roof rafters provide lasting and dependable strength, while the Dicor PVC roof membrane prevents water leaks and other unwanted intrusions. Every X-Lite also rides on nitrogen-filled tires, which do a better job of maintaining pressure over long trips, particularly under heavy loads. You can count on the Forest River Wildwood to keep your adventures going for many seasons to come.

Compact camping

Small Forest River Wildwood X-Lite floorplans like the 171RBXL or 19DBXL are perfect for compact camping on a budget and pack quite a lot of features in a sub-25-foot package. They both have a walk-in shower, jackknife sofa, pass-thru storage, and dual bedroom closets. The kitchen features a high-rise spring faucet, double-door refrigerator, microwave, and stretch hex backsplash. During the day, large bedroom and kitchen windows let in lots of natural light, while at night, dimmer lights set the mood.

There are quite a lot of features in these small RVs, including exterior speakers, the option for an exterior kitchen, and a well-connected entertainment center. For couples looking to minimize their footprint while camping without compromising comfort, the smaller Wildwood X-Lite models are a great choice.

New 26ICE middle ground

If you’re looking for a little more room to stretch your legs without giving your tow vehicles too much work to do, the more spacious Wildwood X-Lite floorplans are quite appealing. New for 2024 is the 26ICE model, which strikes a nice middle ground between the compact and largest available models. Some of the perks afforded by the extra space include extra kitchen counter space with additional pull-out drawers and a hidden pantry. The shower gains a bathtub and the bed, now a king, gets its own dedicated space. Meanwhile, the lounge area — which is built into a spacious slide-out complete with a dinette, versatile sofa, and fireplace — has an amazing view of the outdoors thanks to the panoramic window.

Luxurious lounging

Families, groups, or campers simply looking for maximum luxury on extended camping trips will love the largest X-Lite travel trailers such as the 273QBXL and 28VBXL. The latter comes with one of the most versatile bunk rooms you’ll find in any RV, featuring two Versa-Bunks and a Versa-Queen bed for maximum comfort and sleeping capacity. The former has a slightly less roomy but still quite capacious bunkhouse that minimizes the impact on overall weight. Oversized kitchen appliances and Wi-Fi availability make it easy to feed and entertain the whole family, and large exterior awnings encourage you to enjoy more time outdoors even in inclement weather.

Interested in the 2024 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite? Call us at (325) 854-1000 to request more information about this incredible RV, or visit the Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to get a closer look at its 10 floorplans!

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