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Pre-Inspection Tips Before Your Next RV Trip | Abilene, TX

Pre-Inspection Tips | Abilene, TX

It’s always a good idea to inspect your RV before going on a big trip. The following is a checklist of key areas that you may find useful to maintain before heading out.

Check the Tires

RV tires take a lot of punishment. Make sure they are inflated to the specification recommended by the manufacturer to get the best on-road experience, superior fuel economy, and reduced risk of blowouts. Look for signs of damage and excessive or uneven wear.

Check the Lights

You should confirm that all of your RV’s lights function as intended before any trip. Test the headlights, taillights, turn signals, hazard lights, flashers, and any other light that you or other road users may rely on.

Check the Roof

Over time, sunlight and water degrade the roof sealant coating. Improper maintenance can lead to costly repairs, especially if leaks permit water to get inside the unit. Check the roof for cracks, broken seals, or other signs of damage. Rub your hand on the surface to check the sealant — if you notice a chalk-like white residue on your fingers, it’s time to reseal the roof.

Secure Everything

Before you get going, do a tour of your RV unit and ensure that everything is well secured. That includes awnings, slide-outs, cords, antennas, hatches, doors, and anything else that could potentially damage itself or something else while on the move.

Get a Professional Inspection

Even if you have a keen eye, you can’t beat the experts. Get your RV unit professionally inspected by a certified technician who will be able to assess potential problems that would otherwise be difficult to spot. You may even get great advice for future trips!

At Hanner RV Supercenter, our Jayco RVs are covered by an industry-leading 2+3 warranty that provides longer-lasting peace of mind than offered by many other RV manufacturers. Visit our store in Baird, Texas, to check out our road trip-ready units.

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