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RV 101: Terms | Baird, TX

Some terms you may hear when reading about RVs may be unfamiliar to you, so we’ll gladly help you understand the most important ones.

4-Pin/7-Pin Electrical Connector

Both of these connect your tow vehicle to your RV, but the 4-pin provides power for the lights only, while the 7-pin provides power to the lights and electrically operated brakes.


This refers to the storage area under your RV’s floor, accessible from the outside doors.

Breakaway Switch

This is a safety switch that activates if your trailer becomes separated from the tow vehicle, automatically activating the trailer’s brakes.

British Thermal Unit, or BTU

This is a measurement of heat, specifically the amount needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water by a degree Fahrenheit. RV air conditioning and furnace units are rated in BTU.


This is the Gross Axle Weight Rating, which is the total amount of weight allowable on each individual axle, including the weight of the tires, wheels, brakes, and the axle itself.


This stands for Gross Combination Weight Rating and is the total allowable weight of your tow vehicle, trailer, cargo, hitching, fluids, and passengers.

Hopefully this can help when you’re learning more about RV you own or are researching to buy. If you have a question about a term not covered here, just contact us at Hanner RV Supercenter.

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