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Must-Have RV Accessories | Abilene, TX

Hanner RV Accessories | Abilene, TX


Just purchase your first RV? Make sure you have all the accessories you need for a successful inaugural trip. Hanner RV has a fully stocked parts department with every gadget and tool you need. Here are some must-have accessories to consider for your new RV.

RV Cover

You perhaps don’t want to think about the times you won’t be using your RV, but realistically, you’ll have to keep it stored while you go about your normal life. Protect it from the elements by purchasing an RV cover; this should help retain a higher resale value and better condition over time.

Wheel Chocks

Don’t risk your RV rolling away. Purchase wheel chocks to keep your RV in place when parked.

Water Softener

Water quality varies throughout the continent and even from campground to campground. Ensure your water is tasty and safe to drink by purchasing a water softener and maybe even a water filter.

Stabilization Equipment

More often than not, the ground on which your camp may not even be close to being level. By purchasing stabilizing equipment, you can properly lift your RV for a more stable camping experience. Some higher-level RV models may come with auto-leveling or stabilizing jacks; check the features of your new RV to see if you need to purchase them, or not.

Surge Protector & Water Pressure Monitor

Don’t let your RV fall prey to unexpected surges in voltage and water pressure at campgrounds. Without a surge protector and water pressure monitor, your RV will be exposed to potentially damaging issues.

Sewer Hose Kit

Dispose of waste properly and safely with a sewer hose kit, should your RV not already be equipped with one.

Propane Tank Monitor

If your RV does not have this monitor built in, it’s a good idea to invest in one. It helps you regulate propane levels. Pay attention to the level to ensure you don’t run out.

Portable Jump Starter

You should always have a jump starter when you’re on the road, especially if you like to camp in low-population areas. Look for a compact but powerful jump starter with a discharge rate of just 1-2 percent each month. This will allow it to have enough of a charge in an emergency, even if it has been sitting around in your RV for a year.

Generator with Remote Start

Veteran campers will all tell you the same thing: you need a generator. It will provide much-needed power to your RV when you can’t get to campground electrical hookups or your home. For an improved quality of life, get a generator that’s quiet and can be started remotely.

Wi-Fi Booster

RV campgrounds are large enough that you may be parked far away from their Wi-Fi router. You can use a Wi-Fi booster to extend the range while improving and securing the connection. RV-specific boosters exist that can better handle outdoor conditions.

Hand-held Vacuum

As you go in and out of your RV with dirty shoes, it’ll get dirty faster than you might expect. A compact and lightweight hand-held vacuum makes it easy to clean your RV. It works better than a broom, which is not very effective, and a full-size vacuum, which can be inconvenient.

Closet Organizers

The RVs at Hanner RV Supercenter come with generous storage space, but most of that storage is open. Get your hands on a few closet organizers, hampers and drawer dividers to optimize the space and keep your belongings tidier.

Multi-Functional Cooker

You can save a lot of money on kitchen appliances by getting a multi-functional cooker. A device that can serve as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer and more is simply a must-have in a small RV.

Plate Protectors

If you want to bring ceramic plates in your RV, there’s no better accessory than plate protectors. They’ll prevent your plates from falling off the shelves and breaking while also reducing rattle. Over time, they can even save you money since you won’t have to constantly buy new disposable plates.

If you’d like guidance on what accessories your particular RV might need, come visit Hanner RV near Abilene, TX, and we’ll help you out.

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