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RV Accessories | Baird, TX

You can upgrade your RV with all sort of accessories, and here are some items that are the most popular among RV enthusiasts.

Surge Protector

Anyone who has experienced an electrical surge knows that it can ruin much of your electronics. A surge protector keeps surges, brown-outs, and faulty hookup wiring from potentially damaging your appliances.

Lynx Levelers

These are placed under the wheels when you park the RV to keep your RV level.

Extended Towing Mirrors

While towing, it is incredibly important to watch your blind spots on the highway to prevent accidents. These extended mirrors also extend the angle that you can see behind and around you.

Maxx Air Vents

These vent covers protect roof-mounted ventilation areas from the harm of bad weather.

Furnace/Fridge Vent Screens

Bugs are a nuisance at any time, but if your furnace and fridge vents are uncovered, they can potentially enter and build nests within your RV. Keep them out with these special screens.

Slide Toppers

The part of your RV’s slide-out that you see the least is the one in need of protection most: the top. To help with this, slide toppers help protect the top of your slide-outs from damage.

Here at Hanner RV Supercenter, we have all sorts of RV accessories available, so feel free to browse our website or stop by to have a look through our inventory.

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