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RV Décor Ideas to Consider | Baird, TX

RV Décor Ideas | Baird TX

One of the best ways to make your RV feel more like home is to decorate it just like you would a home. Though the RV units you can purchase at Hanner RV Supercenter already come with fully equipped kitchens, high-quality furniture, and tasteful interior themes, there’s always room to dress things up and match the interior to your tastes. Here are a few RV décor ideas to consider.

Bathroom Décor

Decorating the bathroom, typically the smallest room in an RV, is no easy feat. A good place to start is the shower curtain. Our recommendation is to stick with a plain design, as overly ornate curtains can make the room feel busier and thus even smaller than it already is. Adding a small mirror can also enhance the sense of space.

Pick a Theme

A great strategy for decorating your RV is to first pick a theme. Decorating each space without an overall theme in mind can lead to the interior design feeling disjointed. Popular themes include general travel, beach, and camping. Whatever you choose, make sure not to go overboard. Even the biggest RVs are small compared to a full-size home, so it doesn’t take too much décor for a theme to come together. Remember, less is more.

Bedroom Décor

RV bedrooms typically have very little walking space. It’s not uncommon to have space for a mattress and no more. Consequently, you don’t want to fill what little space remains with unnecessary decoration. In other words, every detail counts. Floating shelves or cabinets mounted above the bed can go a long way toward freeing up space, and they can provide a platform for you to decorate as well. The top area to focus on for bringing out your chosen theme is the bedsheets and pillows.

Dining Room and Kitchen Décor

The dining room and kitchenette will likely be the spaces where you spend the most time in your RV. But it’s important to keep the space as functional as possible. You can add personality to your dining room with wall art, small potted plants, statement lighting, and an area rug. Avoid cluttering valuable countertop and dining surfaces with décor. For the kitchen, try to use multipurpose items that can enhance both practicality and aesthetics, like wall-mounted baskets. Replacing fixtures with new ones that fit your chosen theme can also go a long way toward achieving your desired look.

Living Area

The living area is the other space you’ll spend the most time in your RV. But most RVs don't have a dedicated living space — instead, they also double as a sleeping space. As a result, it's important to decorate your living area in such a way that it fulfills both functions, ensuring it looks just as good during the day as it does at night. Throw pillow covers are a good place to start.

Décor Themes

There are many different décor themes you could choose for your RV. In addition to the popular beach and camping themes, you could opt for one of the following:

  • Black and white. It’s easy to do and never goes out of style. Don’t be afraid to use black—it will amplify the whites to make the interior feel airier.
  • Use an earthy color palette like brows, creams, and tans. Textures are important too. Use organic materials like leather and wood as much as possible.
  • This theme is characterized by clean lines and simplicity. Since you’ll need to work with what your RV already has, that usually means upgrading existing elements and a fresh coat of paint.
  • There’s a lot of variety when it comes to rustic décor. Research what cabin owners and other RV owners have done for inspiration. Consider live-edge wood and cast iron materials.

Decorating your RV is a great way to make it yours and learn its ins and outs. Visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, for a look at our inventory of parts and accessories that can further help you customize your RV unit!

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