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RV Leveling Tips & Tricks | Baird, TX

2020 Montana High Country RV | Baird TX

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RV leveling jacks are an essential tool in every RV owner’s toolkit. They help ensure your RV is on an even plane from front to back and side to side. This makes using the RV more comfortable and allows the systems in the RV to work better. These are not to be confused with stabilizing jacks, which keep the RV steady when people are walking around inside or during strong winds.

Get the necessary tools

There are many ways to level an RV. Some RVs make the process easy for you with auto-leveling systems, with which all you have to do is push a few buttons. However, most RVs are not equipped with this technology and require manual leveling. In that case, you’ll need plastic blocks or wood planks to properly level your RV before embarking on a road trip.

Park correctly

Park in an area that’s as close to level as possible before manually leveling your trailer. The more even you start off, the easier it is to get a perfect result when leveling. Ensure you also park on hard ground and avoid slippery surfaces.

Select three levels

Permanently install a small level on your trailer’s side, making sure it’s in a location that you can see from the driver’s seat when using the landing gear or tongue jack. A large level should go on the front of the trailer permanently. Using a third level, you can make sure the trailer is level before you install the small and large levels. Always follow manufacturer recommendations when choosing the lengths of each level.

Level the trailer before unhitching it

It’s important to level your trailer before you unhitch it from your vehicle, making sure to place blocks in front of or behind the wheels, depending on if it will be easier for your trailer to roll backward or forward. Level the trailer first from the front to the rear and then from side to side.


For more help with leveling your trailer, visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, or give our service center a call at 325-854-3050.

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