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At Hanner RV Supercenter, our helpful and friendly service technicians are always here to help you tend to your beloved RV, but there are more than a few things you can do yourself to keep your home-away-from-home in tip-top shape. For starters, you can check out these simple safe towing tips.

Complete Your Checklist

Before setting off on an adventure in your RV, you should complete a pre-departure checklist. Make sure the chains, hitch, trailer brakes and lights as well as everything else on your rigs are working properly. Also, you should check your weights to ensure you don’t have an unsafe amount of cargo in your RV

Take Your Time

Driving with a trailer is completely different than driving without one, and it’s important that you understand that it will take longer for you to accelerate and brake. As such, you must make sure you have ample space between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

The length of your rig also affects your ability to turn. A short trailer should be easy to make turns with, but a longer trailer requires wider turns to avoid clipping the curb. You should also take turns slowly so that the items in your RV stay put and you can have a smoother ride.

Be Cautious When Backing Up

When you find yourself needing to back up your RV, make sure you do so in a low-pressure situation. Reduce the stress of reversing by letting other vehicles pass you before you begin backing up and making sure there’s no one waiting on you. You should also give yourself enough time to reverse without feeling rushed.

If you’re ever looking for a parking spot in a high-traffic area, consider choosing a spot that will allow you to pull through so you don’t have to back up. Staying calm in all parking situations can help you think clearly and avoid accidents.

We at Hanner RV Supercenter hope you and your family have a stress-free and safe trip in your RV. If you have any questions about driving or want to learn more about your RV, talk to us at our dealership.

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