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Why Buy a Heartland RV from Hanner RV Supercenter | Baird, TX

2021 Heartland Bighorn RV | Baird TX

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Here at Hanner RV Supercenter, we provide recreational travel and camping solutions for adventure-seekers here in Baird, Texas. One of the most popular companies we carry is Heartland, which produces an array of budget and luxury RVs under sub-brands like Landmark, Big Horn, Big Country, Mallard, Road Warrior, Cyclone, and Pioneer.

If your family is looking for a well-made RV with plenty of storage options, consider these reasons why a Heartland may be the right manufacturer for you.

Strict quality control

Heartland prides itself on being exceptionally rigorous with its quality control measures. Because of the brand’s commitment to meticulously ensuring the condition and correctness of its products, Heartland has developed a reputation for manufacturing models that exceed the quality of its many competitors.

The company has optimized its system in a four-phase inspection process: initial production line checks, finishing checks at the manufacturing facility, subsequent water leak tests, and final pre-delivery inspection tests.

Heartland RVs are constructed to be durable, long-lasting, and reliable — from the initial sourcing of high-grade materials to the final quality assurance inspection before being shipped to Hanner RV Supercenter. Every single RV produced by Heartland is rigorously tested in the company’s Pre-Delivery Inspection Center. If anything appears to be amiss, technicians will take action to resolve the issue right away.

Generous warranty coverage

Standing behind its commitment to quality, Heartland includes generous manufacturer warranties with all new-product purchases. Every Heartland RV contains at least a one-year minimum warranty, plus a three-year limited structural warranty.

If you’re considering becoming a full-time RVer, Heartland is definitely the brand you want to consider. The company offers full-time RVers an industry-leading two-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you won’t become stranded due to poor quality control or craftsmanship.

Signature innovations

Over the years, Heartland has pioneered many innovations that have set the company apart in the RV market. One noteworthy innovation that made Heartland a renowned name was its invention of tight turn technology that allowed the turning radius of short-bed trucks with fifth-wheel trailer attachments to be tighter than ever before.

Heartland was also the first company to offer the slideout room, as well as the first to equip all of those slideouts with waterproof, woven marine-grade flooring instead of carpeting. The company continues to make practical innovations for the RV lifestyle year after year.

Plenty of storage

If you need to maximize storage options in your RV, Heartland leads the pack on this front. Boasting industry-leading storage volume in its products, Heartland created its Stor-Mor storage system to significantly increase how much space families have to stash their cargo.

You’ll discover the many clever ways the company has maximized stowing nooks cubbies throughout its RVs and camping trailers. Keep your small items safe and your messy items contained with Heartland’s numerous built-in stowage possibilities.

Convenient service

Heartland offers peace of mind for RV travelers by offering convenience servicing and assistance options nationwide. The company has many parts and service partners across the nation, including Hanner RV Supercenter, so even if you’re outside of Texas on a cross-country road trip,

Heartland also offers round-the-clock live chat and phone lines for speedy customer support wherever you are. The company strives to prioritize customer satisfaction well after you make your purchase.


Whether you want a travel trailer, a fifth-wheel RV, or a toy hauler, Heartland makes a variety of high-quality recreational travel solutions for customers here in Baird, Texas. You’ll find Heartland Bighorn and Bighorn Traveler products in our inventory among the many Heartland RVs here we sell at Hanner RV Supercenter.

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